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After using West Oxon Wills for our wills, and being totally impressed by their service, I had no hesitation about using them again for my late wife’s grant of probate.Lionheart Probates Services obtained the Grant of Probate in only 4 weeks! I liked the fact that I had the same one named person to contact each time for advice and the service given was excellent along with a fixed price fee.The support and advice given was in plain English and took away a lot of the upset and stress.They steered me through the whole process with great professionalism and skill.Probate was a mystery to me, but they explained everything at each step.Thank you again for all your help. Mr KJW - Tamworth

Excellent service, we were introduced to Mark whilst re-mortgaging our house last year. Not only was the process easy to deal with in the comfort of our own home, but Mark was patient enough to deal with several phone calls as we checked the detail required. For something that appeared quite complex at first Mark explained the process in a friendly / understanding way to ensure we fully understood how our will would look like and how it will be acted on if required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s service to our family & friends.

Mr DS – Coventry

My accountancy firm advise clients on inheritance tax issues and the need to make tax effective wills and I realised that my will needed updating as it had not been amended for 20 years!
Fortunately I found in Mark Gorman someone who I could discuss my wishes with in detail and he then arranged for a will to be prepared for me to sign.
I originally wished for some fairly complicated provisions to be included in my will and subsequently made amendments before the will was finalised.
In spite of this the price of the will was not increased and remained cheaper than alternative solicitors firms had quoted.
I was very happy with the service provided by Mark and have had no hesitation in recommending him to members of my family and to my clients all of whom have been satisfied with the service they have received.
Mr MJS – Eynsham Oxon

A will is not something you think about often if at all. Certainly that was the case until I met Mark Gorman. Listening to Mark, it became clear to me that making a will should not only be a straight forward process but also be the right thing to do for your family.
Mark took time to explain all the various options to me and my wife and guided us through the process clearly. Special mention must be made to the extra efforts he went to in ensuring our Enduring Power of Attorney was processed before the change in regulations. We regard this as a money and time well spent.
I’m therefore really pleased to recommend Mark and would encourage anyone who needs a will to speak to him without further hesitation.
Mr TB – Witney Oxon

Our thanks to Mark Gorman who set the whole matter in motion; his timely advice has been greatly appreciated.
Both my wife and I appreciate the work you have carried out on our behalf so thank you all again.
Mr & Mrs CD – Burford Oxon

I write to thank you for the very professional service that you provided when you prepared a will for us both.
Although we realise how important making a will is in terms of inheritance tax, we had been putting off making one for years because as busy people we could never seem to find the time. You made the whole process very easy by coming to our home and we appreciated the speed and efficiency with which you got the papers organised.
I would have not hesitation in recommending the service that you provide to other people and indeed have already done so.
Mrs SP – Combe Oxon

Last year you kindly provided your services to write my will. You covered all aspects concerned in the matter and did so in both a sensitive and professional manner. I was also very pleased with the value for money you offer.
Please consider this a testimonial for your excellent services and will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.
Mr GRB – Abingdon Oxon

I recently asked Mark to draw up a will and power of attorney for me and was incredibly impressed with the advice he gave me and the simplicity of the process.
It took less than an hour to sit down with Mark and run through my requirements and three weeks later I had my will and power of attorney in my hand.
A simple efficient service and great value for money and would recommend it to anyone.
Mr DF – Oxford Oxon

I am writing to express my appreciation to you for the way you have supported and helped me to get my Will and other affairs into order in the event of my death.
I felt you guided me through a potentially intricate process, giving me space and time to formulate my wishes, giving feedback when requested, and offering an unbiased, informed opinion on the various options available.
You were down to earth in your approach, yet I also experienced you as empathic, sensitive and trustworthy; qualities make you outstandingly good at what you do.
I feel a great sense of relief that with your assistance I now have my affairs in order.
Ms LS – Witney Oxon

My wife and I had been meaning to write a Will for years – but never got around to it. I know that I could have contacted a solicitor but since dealing with one because of my parent’s estate I was put off by the seemingly pointless letters – for which they charged the estate I might add! When I found that Mark was in the Wills business, I was happy to ask him around to discuss details. He explained in simple terms why a Will was so important but there was never any ‘hard sell,’ that might put you off. An excellent, quick service from a polite, charming fellow. Recommend him to everyone.
Mr GD – Carterton

Just a short note, to say a big thank you for sorting out our wills.
You made the process very easy for us indeed.
We did not know how straight forward it would be to set up the wills until we took your “Non-legalese” guidance!
If any one has not yet made a will, we would recommend speaking with Mark as soon as possible, to put your affairs in order for your family should the worst happen.
Thanks again Mark
Mr & Mrs O – Ducklington Oxon

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